Hello Stephane,

The watch was at my house when I arrived. My wife was home and the driver handed it to her. But it sure looks excellent! I really like it! It's quite nice to have early Daytonas with both light and dark faces. Thank you for continuing to look and finding this excellent example!

Indianapolis IN
 Hi Stephane,
Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you again for the DRSD, I got it back from LAWW 2 weeks ago and it hasn't left my wrist.   A really really nice example and I'm VERY happy with it.
Thanks again,
Hello Stephane,  
Watch received! I examine it very closely and the mark on the dial is just hard to see as you described. Even thought the scratches on the insert is more serious than I expected, overall condition is fairly nice. I will definitely keep it. Well job done! Thank you. 
Best Regards,
Harrison, Taiwan 
"I've been a fan of vintage Rolex for over a year now and had been on the hunt for a 1655 Freccione (aka Steve McQueen). I found one on the Rolex Passion Market advertised by Stephane Medam. After inquiring about the watch, Stephane was promptly responsive to all my questions, and he was lightning quick in getting the piece to me in as-promised, excellent condition. I would not hesitate purchasing from Stephane in the future!"
BTW if you ever get a 1975 Bid Red 6263, I'm sure to want it! Take care, 
Michael S, Oceanside CA 
hello stephane, Just received the package, nicely packed. I just finish examining everything. It is a very beautiful watch. I love it and may keep it for a long time!
Many thanks. 
BR,Harrison Taipei Taïwan 
I like the watch very much and will be keeping it.  I looked over it more closely today and it is as you described it.  Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to working with you on other watches.
Last year I contacted Stephane with questions concerning the service of my vintage Rolex Daytona "Paul Newman", and his response was both friendly and knowledgeable.  After receiving the watch back from Rolex service I emailed Stephane to thank him for his advice.  Well, one thing led to another, and after several emails Stephane made me an offer on my watch which I could not refuse.  The entire transaction was swift, effortless for me, and very professional.  I can not say enough about what a pleasure it was doing business with Stephane and Worldly Watches, I highly recommend his services.
Kent, MS (USA)   
Hi Stephane,
I received the watch this morning. everything is original and almost 30 years old. Looks better than my 2008 sub. I think I'm going to sell the sub on eBay now because this is so nice I don't need that one anymore. Please keep me in mind in the future for a 5512 as we have discussed the McQueen edition. What are your thoughts investment wise on the 5512 vs a 1680 red sub?
P.S. sorry for all of the correspondence. 
Sam B 
Wonderful watch - I have had about 4 GMTs and this is the nicest.
Thanks much and thanks for bringing the watch to my house.
Have a great weekend.
New York USA
I by chance found Worldlywatches on the internet and saw a Rolex 6263 Daytona with papers, which I had been searching for some time.
I e-mailed and phoned Stephane, on every occasion I was dealt with very promptly and professionally with an individual who is very passionate and knowledgeable about his watches. I agreed to meet with Stephane in NY. The funds were wired from my account in London, and the following day we met with Stephane and I collected my new acquisition with great joy.
I can sincerely and highly recommend Stephane and his company Worldlywatches. He is an absolute pleasure to spend time with and is like an encyclopedia of knowledge, I can say that we now have a friendship developed. I will definitely do business with Stephane in the near future and should anyone wish to contact me please feel free.
 Andrew (London) UK
Dear All,
 I recently had a rare watch I was thinking of selling. I found Worldy Watches, on my online google search, when I searched for Rare Daytona "Paul Newman" Rolex. I contacted Stephane, and described my watch, a Tiffany's Daytona" and asked if he were interested, and what he felt the value was. He promptly replied to my email, and gave me answers to my questions. Later, I received a call from Stephane, and he was visitng New York over the Thanksgiving Holiday. He wanted to see if I was interested in showing my watch to him. I was, and Stephane came to my house, he loved the watch, and made a fair offer on the watch. I agreed to sell it to him. He was leaving back out of New York, so I gave him the watch, and he wired the money to my account. He left my apartment, the next day the money arrived in my account. He is completely trustworthy, friendly and professional. A real pleasant gentleman to do business with. I will definetly use Worldly Watches again, and feel I have found a great partner, and resource for all my watch endeavors. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or additional feedback. Best Wishes,
Benjamin, NY
Hi Stephane
today i have received the watch. it's in excellent condition. I'm very happy and thank you for your reliability.
Kind regards.
Paolo, Italy
I am wearing the PAM and you were right it's a great watch.  Thanks for the 
smooth deal.
Best Regards.
Angelo, Montreal Canada
Hi Stephane,
The watch just arrived, and it's great. I'm really pleased. Thanks so much. It was a real pleasure doing business with you.
Best regards,
Don, NJ
I have dealt with Stephane on both a buying and selling front, and could not speak higher on his behalf. He is a man of great integrity and vast knowledge. I recommend him to any and all with no reservation when it comes to purchasing a vintage watch. I look forward to future dealings with you Stephane.Merci pour tout.'
David, CT USA
"I have purchased four high-quality vintage sports rolex watches from Stephane. Stephane is very professional,honest and sincere in his dealings with me. I highly recommend Stephane for any collector. I look forward to continuing to build my collection with Stephan's help!"
 Christopher / CT(USA)
I would like to thank you for the smooth transaction and the great watch you sold to me. I will recommend you further to some of my friends, in case they are looking for rolex collectibles.
 I look forward doing business with you again.  Kind regards
 Wulf / Munich Germany
The best you could find for reasonnable price and best quality vintage collector Rolex watches...Many thanks Stephan for this beautiful and rare GMT 1675 small arrow hands...Your professional service and way of business...Will deal with again with a knowledgeable Rolexes collector and a real connoisseur...Warmest Regards
"Thanks Stephane, having bought 3 nice vintage rolex from you, I found they are all gorgeous. Great watches!!!!  I love it so much!    Many thanks again for your excellent sales services and high product quality!    Best regards, 
Ben.Hong Kong
I purchased a transitional Rolex submariner 16800 from Stephane.  The watch was exactly as described and arrived when promised.  He is a valuable and knowledgeable resource for the vintage watch collector -
Jason, Dallas.
"Hi Stephane, Just to let you know that the Franck Muller watch has just been delivered by Fedex.
 It's a stunning watch, particularly on the blue strap and totally as described"
Best wishes
It is comforting to know there are some trust worthy people still around.
Anyone looking to buy a vintage rolex I would give you my highest recommendation.
Enjoy your day.
Neil ( UK )
Thank you again for your professionalism and honesty.
I greatly appreciated doing business with you.  Best
Mark, CA
Stephane is a trustworthy and knowledgeable watch collector.  I have learned a lot about vintage watches and vintage cars from him.  In the past 3 weeks while dealing with the 5512, he has been responsive with my questions and emails.  And also, the after sales service is superb.  I got my watch in 2 days, and the watch turns out to be very nice.  Thanks Stephane.  
Ken (CA)